Doc Martens



There’s been so much going on lately, but I really want to make it a point to do new things and explore new places during my off time. You may think you know a city, but you can take a turn you normally don’t and discover a new place or different point of view.  San Francisco always seems to surprise me. It’s such an incredible city with endless hidden gems.



On this day we went all the way into the warehouses by the water in Hunter’s Point off of Cargo Way. We went down this long walkway surrounded by warehouses that lead into the bay. It was a serene path within an industrial jungle that I hadn’t seen before.



I have been wanting a pair of Doc Martens for years!!!! I recently got a pair courtesy of my boyfriend. I chose this classic black leather style. As most of you know, I prefer to stick with the classics. Classic pieces as opposed to seasonal will stay in style and you won’t grow tired of them as quickly. I wore one of my favorite long sweaters over denim to stay warm and comfortable. I received this sweater as a gift a few years ago from one of my best friends. It’s become one of my go to sweaters. I love the aztec print and the interest it brings to a simple duster.



These boots are an essential part of my wardrobe that I had been missing. They toughen up any outfit, which is perfect because if you know me or have been following my blog, you know I my outfits are never too feminine. A touch of masculinity or rock n’ roll is always necessary!



The jewelry I wore was delicate in order to balance out the toughness of the boots. I wore a long, thin chain necklace and a couple thin rings. I think the weaving on my bag complemented the Aztec/tribal print on my sweater.

Tell me. What is your favorite hidden gem in your city? Maybe one day I will visit!