Green is the New Black

Here in San Francisco, a big part of our daily lives is going green and global warming awareness is everywhere. Doing what’s best for our Earth is part of living fabulous and luxurious lives. Without a clean Earth, what quality of life would we have? Make today a day of change. Bring a new good habit into your daily routine to make the world a cleaner place. Even the smallest changes can make a world of a difference.

Don’t know what you can do to go green? Here are some simple solutions:
stop using plastic, especially water bottles
conserve water
buy organic produce from farms that don’t use harmful chemicals
switch to non-toxic household and personal care products
recycle and donate
use reusable tote bags when shopping
unplug electronics not in use from outlets
support companies that do good for the Earth
In spirit of today, I wore my Birkenstocks. They are a company that is taking greener steps with the shoes they make. And they feel amazing!
So, here is to our Earth! For a greener and cleaner place. Happy Earth Day!!!

Tell me, what did you do to make the world a greener place today? Leave a comment below.

With Love, From Jen

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