Summer Wardrobe Update

It’s officially summer and I’m sure most of you are crazing over frayed shorts and crop tops. But before you go into a complete tank top and floral frenzy, carefully think about what it is you truly need in your wardrobe. Consider your climate, whether you will be traveling, your personal style, and your budget. Try to stay within these means so that you don’t overspend and create clutter with things you don’t really love or need. Most importantly, be sure what you buy tells your story. The goal is to be able to mix and match what’s in your closet endlessly.

Because I live in San Francisco where the climate is mild and unpredictable, I tend to buy pieces that are easy to layer, which allows me to wear the majority of my wardrobe year round. If you live in an area that has a clear change in seasons, this might not work as well for you. However, if you stick to the wardrobe basics and only add small updates, you will see that you are able to stretch the use of your wardrobe and will only have to add a couple new items each season.

Here are some of the pieces I bought to give my wardrobe a fresh feel for summer:

Navy Khakis (Gap):
A loose, casual pant is a summer necessity. They will keep you comfortable and cool, but are also great for breezy days. I got these navy khakis because they will never go out of style and can be worn with boat shoes, sandals, or sneakers. If khakis aren’t your favorite, linen pants are a fantastic option. In fact, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair.

Boyfriend Denim (Gap):
These are sexy, cool, and comfortable! I can wear these with flats or sneakers to run around in during the day, and with heels I can completely transform my outfit. If you are looking for a pair that can be worn to work, opt some that aren’t torn like these.

Leather Pencil Skirt (Zara):
Pencil Skirts aren’t going anywhere. Give your old pencil skirt an update with a new color or an interesting texture. A pastel, faux leather skirt works well in my closet. If the climate where you live is extremely hot, stay away from sticky leather.

Striped Woven (Theory):
The boyfriend fit of this adds a touch of classic and cool. It’s perfect for the office, errands, or the weekend.

Printed Blouse (Mar by Marc Jacobs):
I’ve never been one to buy lots of print. I fall out of love with it way too quickly and it limits my outfit options. However, I did like this print and it adds a fresh feel to my everyday look. When looking for a printed blouse, be sure to stay within your color story and keep the silhouette simple.

Dressy Tank (Theory):
When choosing a dressy top, think luxurious and simple. I chose a silk, pastel tank top. This one is ultra luxurious and sexy!

Blush Ballet Flats (Vince Camuto):
These are a true wardrobe staple. I can slip these on to bring any outfit instant chicness. The greatest thing about this pair is their comfort.

Comfortable Sandals (Birkenstock):
Birkenstocks are my all time favorites and totally worth the investment. I loved them before Celine made them cool again, and I will love them when the fad dies down. All feet deserve at least one pair. My newest pair are these Premium Amalfi leather Arizona’s. The luxurious leather makes these great with denim or slacks. 

Mint Sneakers (Asics):
I’m not a huge fan of sneakers unless they have a 90’s retro feel. The mint color of this pair is great for summer, while the design takes it back about 20 years or so. I love them! You can say this is a trend I’ve embraced into my signature style.

This, of course, is merely meant to be an inspiration, not a guideline. And remember, quality over quantity!

Tell me, what are your summer wardrobe updates? Leave a comment below.

With love, From Jen.